TRF Supplies Load Haul Dumpers to Tata Steel Collieries

TRF recently supplied several underground mining equipment to Tata Steel’s coal mines near Dhanbad. In all, it supplied spares for Side Discharge Loaders (SDL), with one SDL cum Combined Roof Drilling equipment and two Load Haul Dumpers (LHD). The newly designed LHD, meant for coal evacuation in underground collieries, is a low profile high output machine as it incorporates the latest developments in the field of hydraulics and fabrication. One of the most notable features of the new LHD is that the bucket is capable of side discharging which gives it additional maneuverability.  The flame proof LHD has a 1.6 cubic meter capacity side discharge bucket that is equipped with bi-directional chain conveyor with side flaps operating on both sides. The new product is ergonomically better designed than the previous one, thereby making the work of the operator comparatively easier. In addition to boasting of hydrostatic drive, joystick control with minimum operating effort and parking brakes with normally closed (NC) option, the LHD has the following features:

Standard Bucket Capacity (SAE heaped) 1.6 m3
Breakout Force at Bucket Blade 55 KN
Lifting Time 7.5 Secs.
Lowering Time 7.0 Secs.
Roll Back Time 6.5 Secs.
Roll Forward Time 5.0 Secs.
Electrical Components Flame Proof For Underground Gassy Mines
Travel Speed :
a)    High Speed Mode 0-8 km / hr
b)    Low Speed Mode 0-3 Km/ hr
System Pressure (Max.) 400 Bar
Traction Motors Variable Axial Piston Type
Displacement 107 cc/ revolution
Drive Power (Max.) 45 KW
Hydraulic Medium HFDC 68
Turning Radius 2300 mm

TRF, in order to ensure smooth handing over and overcoming teething troubles in operating the new equipment, organized a training programme at Tata Steel Jharia Colliery. Mr. B K Sinha of Marketing and Mr. Shekhar Roy of Services Dept. & Tarandeep Singh of Engineering Department were facilitators during the programme.