Raj Kumar Hansda – A Champion of Indigenous Culture

Raj Kumar Hansda, Assistant Engineer in the company’s Quality Assurance Department, says that he has boundless energy when it comes to promoting Santhali art and dance and create awareness about the traditional art form among children in his village.  Raj Kumar Hansda is a champion volunteer by virtue of his involvement with ‘Rusica’, an organization for the indigenous people whose main objective is to bring to the fore hidden talent amongst Santhali children living in the villages around his home town of Dalbhumgarh.  Raj Kumar says that he wants to spend maximum time during leisure amongst these children and create opportunities for them to perform ‘Anej’, the Santhali dance form, with the same amount of confidence and ease as any city bred youth, on any stage in the world.  He firmly believes that faith and trust are the two most essential ingredients for a successful relationship with any of the stakeholders. He hopes that with the help of these activities, he will not only win the confidence of the villagers and but also be able to do much more social work voluntarily than at present. Raj Kumar fondly dreams of the day when he will be able to motivate his village children to undertake Santhali painting and train them to become nature lovers by involving them in tree plantation and rain water harvesting related activities.