Mahendra Prasad rewarded for his outstanding performance

The Senior Leadership of TRF comprising of Mr. Sanjay Rajoria, Managing Director and Mr. Rakeshwar Pandey, President, Tata Robins Fraser Labour Union, jointly rewarded Mr. Mahendra Prasad for his outstanding performance in the 30th Regional work-skills Competition organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Eastern Region at the annual performance meet that was attended by the employees from all sections of the company.  Mr. Mahendra Prasad stood second in the Miller category in the work-skills competition in which contestants from reputed industries of the region participated.  Mahendra Prasad has an excellent track record in the competitions held in 1999 and 2005. Speaking to Speed@TRF, Mahendra Prasad said that with timely preparation and some motivation,we could easily participate in 5-6 disciplines in the competition in the near future. Mahendra also added that he would be extremely delighted to train the youngsters in the company and help them to participate in the work-skills competition.