TRF’s Ladies Notch Up 121 Hours of Volunteerism On Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day celebrated on 8th March, the female employees of TRF “Pressed for Progress”, by organizing a function which included several activities related to woman empowerment and awareness of legal rights for women. During the event the female employees discussed health and hygiene issues. A skit was also presented by the employees of the company to raise awareness on gender bias, sexual harassment and female foeticide.

The event was attended by Mrs Purnima Mahato, an accomplished International level Archer, currently working as senior coach in Tata Archery Academy.  Casual female employees working in the company, female teachers and staff working with Akshar and Astitiva Center, both of which are managed by TRF Ladies Associationalso attended the programme. Mrs Purmina Mahato, who is considered as a role model by many of the women shared her experience as an archer. Her journey was such a motivation that it turned out to be an inspirational story for all participants.

During the event, the lady employees of the company gave one table fan to each casual female employee working in TRF.  However, the lady employees used this opportunity to reach out to the inmates of Antyodaya which is a hospital for those suffering with leprosy.  During their visit to Antyodaya they spent quality time with those residing in the hospital, thereby giving them a chance to share their difficulties and ventilate their anguish. They served food to the residents, gave them new towels and blankets, clothes and some basic toiletries. They also donated two steel cupboards to the hospital so that it would become easy for them to keep their perishable belongings.

A lot of hard work has been done by the employees of TRF to organise this event. Women of TRF were highly motivated, as they spent all their time in turning their dreams into reality.  The result was fruitful as there was 121 hours of volunteerism.