TRF participates in 7th IME 2017, Kolkata

TRF’s officers interact with customers

A number of visitors consisting of supply chain associates, customers and prospecting technology partners visited TRF’s pavilion during the 7th International Mining Exhibition (International Mining, Equipment, Minerals & Metal Exhibition) 2017 exhibition held in Kolkata from November 8-11, 2017.

For TRF, this was an opportunity to showcase its capabilities in providing bulk material handling solutions in steel, thermal power, mining and port industries.  TRF also displayed some of its new products and recent innovations made by it, during the exhibition.  The exhibition proved to be an excellent opportunity to enhance knowledge and attract offers for partnership with companies from India and abroad.

7th International Mining Exhibition

During the exhibition, TRF’s officers interacted with many customers, supply chain partners and with companies having technical expertise in the area of bulk material handling.  It also gave an opportunity to the company to enhance awareness among the stakeholders about its products and services.