Sports Bonanza

Sports Bonanza : Badminton

Excellence is a continuous journey. This was well demonstrated by the TRF badminton teams- both men and women- in the recently held Inter Corporate Badminton Tournament organized by Tata Steel Limited.  While the women’s team maintained their splendid form displayed by them in the 2016 tournament, the men’s team put up heart winning performances.

The women’s team, consisting of Sneha, Neha, Pallavi and Bela, enjoyed an excellent run through the tournament till finally they were stopped by Tata Steel Limited in the final match. On the other hand, the men’s team, comprising Roopesh, Gurnam, Samir and Amit showed a remarkable improvement in the quality of their game when compared to 2016 tournament. Unfortunately, the brave-hearts lost in the semi- final to Tata Hitachi after a hard fought contest.

Sports Bonanza : Walkathon

Sports Bonanza : Walkathon

In the 2017 Walkathon conducted by the Sport Department, Tata Steel Limited, many of sports enthusiasts from TRF participated in the event.  Sunil Kumar, Engineering Department once again came out with flying colors. Sunil stood 2nd among hundreds of participants and was conferred a silver medal.  Mr. Manjit Singh, Security Department was good for 6th position.

In cricket, many teams adopt the strategy of using bowlers in pairs, popularly known as hunting in pairs and this normally yields good results. However, in TRF there are a few pairs of husband and wife who are passionate about the same sport. TRF is proud to have in its midst husband and wife pairs of Pinku Kumar and Neha Singh, who are well known for their badminton skills. In addition to this, Sunil Kumar and Radhika Kumari who have a successful track record in the Annual Walkathon Competition. We hope that in the days to come, TRF will see many more husbands and wives teams pairing in the same sporting discipline and are enjoying their time together.

                           Sports Bonanza : Winning Couples