Innovation In Travelling Plough Feeder Ensures Efficient Coke Handling

Trolley frame with blade and travel wheels
Coke is an extremely essential component of steel making.  Steel production in India has grown at the second fastest pace in the world, consequently the requirement of coke in steel plants has witnessed a significant growth.

Video of TRF's travelling plough feeder at Bhushan Power & Steel, Odisha

Coke from coke oven is discharged on wharf from where it is extracted using travelling plough feeders. The indigenously manufactured TRF travelling plough feeder when compared to its imported version has many distinct advantages. It has been designed to overcome all operational & maintenance problems related to the conventional travelling plough feeders. The conventional travelling plough feeder is prone to frequent outage due to its design and  harsh working conditions in which they operate. The drive arrangement in the innovative equipment has been kept far away from the source of heat and other hazards.

The improved version has incorporated mechanized positive arrangement for changing directions of plough blades for reclaiming in both directions. The retractable blades are mounted on a steel frame for to and fro movement in this frame is derived out of a rope and winch arrangement.  The major component of the innovative-TRF travelling plough feeders are:

Animated View : Trolley frame with blade and travel wheels

  • Trolley frame with blade and travel wheels
  • Supporting structure with guide rails
  • Rope and winch along with supporting structure
  • Drive arrangement for winch
  • Guide wheels
  • Return pulley with tensioning arrangement

The TRF designed travelling plough feeders have certain unique features that gives them an edge over the conventional travelling plough feeders. Some of these are:

  • Platform is kept free from any equipment except the plough blade
  • Drive unit, i.e. electrical motor, gear box, winch drum, etc have been kept at a distance, hence, eliminating the impact of heat and dust on the driving element
  • Complete elimination of rack and pinion arrangement
  • Complete elimination of festooning arrangement of cable
  • Easy maintenance and safe as drive arrangement is on an approachable platform