Kaushik Roy: a Champion by Virtue of Volunteerism

If looks could deceive, then the silent, unassuming, calm composure of Kaushik Roy, junior executive in our account and finance department is one such glaring example. However, a closer interaction with Kaushik tells a different story. Kaushik can be easily described as a person who is one with himself. Discuss with him about his time outside office and you will find him to be crystal clear in his thoughts and one who is totally committed to achieving his vision in life. In sum, Kaushik is a silent power house of some sorts. When Speed @TRF asked him about his passion to serve the community voluntarily, then Kaushik quickly responded, “I have a strong desire to involve myself in social and cultural activities, they give me immense self-satisfaction.”

Kaushik is frequently seen working with Indian Red Cross Society, as a volunteer, as he believes that medical emergencies can arrive in any situation and he can play a vital role in providing relief to victims and sometimes in saving lives. Kaushik participates in health camps in remote areas, eye camps for poor people, blood donation camps, first-aid camps and is only a call away for any kind of emergency. Kaushik is so passionate about his volunteerism that sometimes he takes leave from office to serve the community.