Improvement Initiative Through Suggestion Box

The Suggestion Box Management Scheme in TRF is popularly known as RISE(Reduce+Innovation+Save=Excellence) & Shine amongst its employees. The SBM Scheme is frequently used by the employees of the company to suggest improvements in the operations and procedures within the company and the quality of its product and services. The company believes that it is important and effective tool to collect ideas of its employees regardless of their level in the organisation and at the gives them a lever which enables them to participate in the growth of the company. In the financial year 2016-17 more than 1000 suggestions were submitted by the employees of the company. The company believes that the number has to increase manifold, there was much reason to cheer as a record number of suggestions were considered as high value suggestions and were conferred the highest award under the company’s SBM Scheme.

The SBM scheme has helped the company to reduce cost at its project sites, use lubricants in its SAC (Side Arm Chargers), optimise the length of the Shuttle Conveyors, eliminates extra material from its Pulley Shell, and improve the design of Feed Roller Assembly fitted in Apron Feeders etc. The improvement through suggestion scheme has not only helped the company to serve its customers better but it has also enabled its employees to participate in the growth and improvement process of the company.