TRF Ladies Initiate ‘bold changes’ on International Women’s Day

“Be Bold for Change” this year’s International Women’s Day theme inspires women to be bolder, stronger, and more powerful in all the spheres of life. Taking cue from the International Women’s Day theme, women employees of TRF, members of TRF Ladies Association, teachers and students of ‘Astitva’ and ‘Akshar’ joined hands to celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a function at JRD Tata Learning Centre consisting of presentations on women achievers, sexual harassment, short play and themes related to women empowerment, dance drama and light entertainment, slogans, etc. They discussed the role of women in the Company’s growth and the need to take up higher responsibilities in the organization.

They visited the Gandhi Leprosy Ashram, Baradwari and distributed essential household items to the inmates with the objective improving their quality of life. The International Women’s Day at TRF was observed meaningfully by ladies by providing solutions to problems of the residents of the Ashram in their daily lives.


Women who have brought about deep impact in the society by their will power is celebrated by TRF. The Women Association of TRF pledge their support to “Make it happen” by reducing gender equality and creating a platform for sustainable development.


TRF and its associates are committed to take all the possible measures to enhance the quality of life of the follow citizens by offering constant support through its Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and pro-active volunteerism of its employees.