140-T Barrel Reclaimers Made-to-Order for Bhushan Power & Steel

TRF is widely known for its barrel reclaimers which provide economical solution for stockyard where simultaneous stacking and reclaiming in not required. The barrel reclaimers are used extensively in stockyards and are ideal for having proper blending of raw materials for using in process plant.  TRF has engineered a barrel reclaimer for handling iron ore fines at Bhushan Power and Steel, Angul in Odisha.

The reclaim capacity of barrel reclaimer is 1200 TPH with 33 metre track gauge. The 140-tonne barrel reclaimer is 36 metres long and has diameter of five meters.

All the drives of the barrel reclaimers are provided with programmable logic controller(PLC) to achieve synchronized motions. Hydraulic rail clamps, anti skew arrangement, warning against storm weather, air conditioned electric room and fire alarm systems have also been provided.

The operator’s cabin is so located that the operator gets a clear and unobstructed view of the reclaiming process and the entire stock yard.  The cabin is air-conditioned and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort of the operator.  The front screen is mounted in the operator’s console and displays details of all operations enabling the operator to program according to the reclaiming requirement.

In the barrel reclaimer manufactured for Bhushan Power & Steel the barrel drive is provided with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Control to achieve jerkless (smooth) starting with additional feature of controlling the barrel rotation speed and in-turn reclaim capacity.

Additionally, hot redundant type PLC System has been incorporated to achieve bump less transfer in case of failure of one CPU.

To achieve more reliable skew correction arrangement an encoder has been used in place of conventional Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT).