NTPC, BARH Progress Report




"There are two reversible stacker cum reclaimer of 650 m length and a total of 15m width having each capacity 200 MTPH. For civil work sub structure work has been completed, Rail beam of 405M length and Grade Slab 210M (Module 5) has been completed. Further in drive house (DH), In DH 4 pedestal of beam bottom level has been completed and in DH 3 Foundation work has been completed."



"There is 1 no. CH of elevation +40m (approx.) roof level comprising of foundation of 191 Nos. piles. We have 4 Nos. Ring granulator type of crushers in which 2 Nos. is in standby. Similarly, we have 4 Nos. of vibrating screen feeders in which 2 nos. are standby. Again, we have 2 Nos. of shuttle conveyor of which 1 each will discharge crushed coal 20mm down in two conveyors. Each crusher shall be of 1210 MTPH capacity. 100% Civil work has been completed and peripheral brick wall process is going on. Further fabrication work of this area is going on and we have completed 375 MT of fabrication. "


"There are 2 Nos. Rota size WT of capacity 180 MT Wagon load ( Hopper Coal carrying capacity. In civil work hopper wall has been completed up to zero level and connecting beams for Side Arm Charger of -3.29 level are in progress."


"We have a track hopper of 300m length (approx.) and 13m inside width. It has a Coal Carrying capacity of 6000MT. It has 4 Nos. Paddle Feeder of instant capacity of 1650 MTPH (each). We have completed all the 100 BEAMS , Hopper of 1st segment out of 7 segment has been completed and further work is in progress."

TP 16

In TP16 we have completed erection work of 416MT out of 576 MT. Still work is in progress.


In this area we have completed 27MT of erection out of 129 MT. Work is in progress.

TP 15

In this area we have completed 188MT of erection out of 440 MT. Work is in progress.


This is the conveyor gallery connecting TP16 and the terminating TP,TP17(Not in our scope), We have completed 177 MT of erection out of 750MT.

TP 14

In this area we have completed 290MT of erection out of 670 MT. Work is in progress.


Foundation work is going on.


Civil work has been just started.



Cable gallery work in interconnection area is in progress.