International Presence

Over the last five decades, TRF has emerged as a pioneer in solutions for material handling equipment and processing systems required in the infrastructural development sector. However, in its quest for rapid growth, TRF has also diversified into the manufacture of automotive applications and trailer transport business.
TRF aspires to be an international leader in material handling equipment processes and systems. It envisages to grow five times in five years and become a Rs 2500 crore Company by 2013 by enhancing focus in the material handling business and entering new businesses as necessary.

The Company’s subsidiary, York Transport Equipment (Asia) Pte Limited, Singapore is engaged in the business of production and distribution of trailer undergears, with market presence in 27 countries. TRF Ltd recently acquired the Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers Limited (DLT), Sri Lanka a world class trailer manufacturing company with market reach in as many as 30 countries.

York Transport Equipment (Asia) Pte Limited
The acquisition of YORK TEA. Limited (YTEA), Singapore, for TRF Ltd was a major step towards diversification. York TEA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baker Technology Limited, is the registered & beneficial owner of nine subsidiaries across the world.

This synergy has created new avenues for TRF Ltd to enter into another vertical, accelerating growth, especially in India. Moreover, York's worldwide network of business has paved the path for TRF Ltd to explore new markets overseas. Since York TEA is a well- known brand with wide range of products; it offers stability and robustness to the business, and facilitates quick and smooth entry in to new and profitable ventures.
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Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers Ltd (DLT)
On a rapid growth path, TRF Ltd recently acquired the Dutch Lanka Trailer Manufacturers Limited DLT, Sri Lanka.

A World Class Trailer Manufacturing Company, DLT has manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka, which has a market reach for trailers in as many as 30 countries. Dutch Lanka Engineering (Private) Limited, 100% subsidiary of DLT in Sri Lanka, is engaged in repairs, maintenance and service business for trailers. DLT also has a subsidiary in Oman which manufactures and sells trailers in the West Asian markets.
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